A Moment's Peace

for violin and piano

Composed: 24th - 31st June, 2006

Revised: 4th June, 2011

ISMN: 979-0-720090-05-4  Dur: ~ 4:30”

Violin: Julia Lim

Piano: Romano Crivici

Recorded by Carla T, 20th Nov, 2020

A Moment's Peace

for cello and piano 


Arranged: 14 -17th Oct, 2018

ISMN: 979-0-720090-58-0

A simple piece, (and intentionally so) A Moment's Peace, was initially composed for the young ones. However, after rewriting and developing it later on, I found the simplicity and stillness of the work speaks to, or is it resonates with, the psyche of even the  more 'mature' members of the species.


Initially idea composed in 2006, this work began as a quick sketch for some young beginner violin students of mine in need of something to play (I think they had forgotten to bring their music book to the lesson!).

As I wrote in the foreword of the score:

" The impetus for revising and publishing this piece, however, comes from my work with my young student, Joon Hee (Miss Julia) Lim, who, after almost one and a half years on the violin, continues, on a weekly basis, to do amazing things." (So appropriate it is that we record it tovether, now, almost many years later -Nov, 2020)

I developed it further in 2011 into its present form; still simple, but now just music, not specifically only for students. Going through the process of cataloguing and archiving my works, I remembered that I had an idea at the time that it would work rather well for cello, but never quite got around to doing so. So, there you go, it's done.


​Romano Crivici

Hampstead Heath, London

16th October, 2018