All Works
String Quartets

String Quartet No 1 19:00

String Quartet No 2 'Cosmic Dust’  22:00

String Quartet No 3 'Hardware’  15:00

String Quartet No 4 ‘Undercurrents’  30:00

String Quartet No 5 ‘Gregorian Funk’   25:00

String Quartet No 6 ‘On and On...’   21:00

Song without Words   5:00

Landscapes   9:00

Nightshift  14:00

string quartet and looping device

Journey to the Mythical Place 3:55

string quartet or string orchestra, opt. marimba

Ensembles with didjeridu

Flat Earth  25:00

Didgeridu, string quartet & percussion x 3

As Old Men See It  17:00

Didjeridu, string quartet & percussion x 2

The Nameless One   15:00

Didjeridu, string quartet and looping device -or String Octet

Colours of Haze   40:00

Didjeridu, string quartet, piano & percussion x 2

Open Sky  8:00

Didjeridu, sax, viola,  piano, bass & percussion x2

String Quartet with bass clarinet

Mantra   23:00

bass clarinet and string quartet

Icon   15:00

bass clarinet and string quartet

String Quartet with other

Clouds   15:00

saxophone and string quartet  

Watching for Kali 6:37

tabla with string quartet

Prelude, Groove and Fugue  21:00

Sextet for 2 violins, viola, 2 celli and double bass

Knockturne   5:00

percussion with string quartet

The Rolling Force  13:00

string quartet w. looping device and percussion.


Haze   25:00

Didjeridu, string quintet,  percussion x 3



5 Mvts for flute, violin, viola, bass, piano, percussion


10 Mvts for sax, oboe, clar, viola, piano, bass, perc

YAMATJI MAN - walking in two worlds 60:00

Music Theatre work in 11 mvts for  didjeridu/narrator, saxophone, electric viola, piano, bass, Percussion x 2


10 works for singer/narrator, string quintet, didjeridu, clarinets, saxophone, Percussion x 3, (incl. vibes/tubular bells)

Still Point (Always Ever This) 15:00 

tenor sax, piano, bass, strings, 2 x percussion

Home of the Blizzard Quartet 5:00 

piano, oboe, clarinet, french horn

Still Land 4:05 

viola, piano, didjeridu, looping device


Sonata for Solo Guitar   16:00

Solo Works

Sonata for Solo Violin  17:00

If Leaves Could Sing

For solo piano -15:00

Adagio and Allegro   25.00

For solo piano



Getting There    6.00

For solo piano

Ballet Music

Quinkan  Ballet Suite   45.30

Strings, double wind, 2 x horn, 2 x trumpet, glock, xylo, vibes, marimba, 3 x perc.

In Times of Change Ballet   14:00

ob, 2 clar, F horn, marimba, keyboards, perc x 4

One in the Rhythm Ballet     9:36

ob, 2 clar, F horn, marimba, keyboards, perc x 4

Orchestral Works

Symphony No. 1 As Night Follows Day   31:00

Strings, double wind, 2 x horns, 2 x trumpets, glock, xylo, 3 x perc

Written for ABC Classic FM

Symphony No. 2 Icon     30:00

with solo saxophone (alto or tenor), Strings, double wind, solo sax, 2 x horns, 2 x trumpets, 5 x perc (vibes, celeste, 2 x marimba)

Flat Earth  25:00

Didgeridu, strings, double winds, 2 trumpet, 2 horns, 4 percussion

A Playground Groove      9.30

Strings, double wind, 2 x horn, 2 x trumpet, glock, xylo, marimba, 3 x perc

Cello Concerto    25:00

Work in progress

Strings, double winds, 4 x horns, 2 x trumpets, 4 x perc, harp

String Orchestra

A Solitary Path     12:00



Interplanetary      15 :00

Double strings


In Times of Change   7.30

string orchestra and bell

A Rhythmic Offering   6:00

string orchestra piano and bell

On the Edge  7.45

string orchestra, percussion x4, keyboard

Pastoral    1:45

string orchestra, piano (or alto glock), bell

Duo & Trio

The Tree (Oj Javore)


for flute & piano 13 min

Trio for Flute, Guitar & Cello

2021   15:30

Reflections on Life, Death & Transience

9 Mvts for violin & viola    85:00

A Distant Voice - in memoriam 4:00

viola & piano

Arafura Haze 20:00

Trio for flute, viola, harp -March, 2020)

The Stillness of Waves 14:00

Sonata for Flute & Piano   July, 2020

Slavic Grooves & Meditations (Duos)

5 Mvts for violin & flute    31:00

Slavic Grooves & Meditations (Trios)

7 Mvts for violin, viola & flute    50:00

A Moments Peace   3.45

violin (or cello) with piano


There are Times    10:00 (May, 2020)

Motet in six parts (s, s, a, t, bar, bass)

Sanctus     9:30 (2019)

Motet in Six Parts (s, s, a, a, t, b)

Songs of Psyche   56:30

Alto solo, chorus (alto, tenor and bass), violin, viola, bass, keyboards and percussion x 2

PsychoStasia    35:30

voice (+ looping device or chorus), sax, strings, keyboards, bass and percussion x2

The Goddess Returns   15.00

Sop, string quartet, percussion

Two Short Songs   2.00 + 2:15

Two works for solo alto & loop, or 3 altos

Children's Music

Journey to the Mythical Place   3:55

string quartet or string orchestra, opt. marimba

Anecdotal Recollections

5 duos for 2 cellos + optional double bass


Opus one and a half

5 duos for 2 violins


The Bare Minimum

5 duos for 2 violins (or viola)

Only a Dream    6:45

narrator, sop + altos, string orchestra, piano, glock., xylo., marimba,  perc. x3

A Playground Groove   7.30

double strings (begin.+ advanced), glock., xylo., vibes, marimba (two players) and percussion x2

Introduction, Allegro & Fade 5:25

string orchestra

A Simple Groove  5:05

string orchestra, piano, bell and drum, opt flutes

And Then It shone (It always does!)5:05

string orchestra, piano, bell and drum, opt flutes

A Question of Taste…Hmmm?  2:30

string orchestra, piano, and bell

A Moments Peace   3.45

violin, (or cello) with piano

Birth of the Bongo Bangers   1:30

marimba x 2 (single lines), xylophone, bass drum and bell

Bongo Thongo Ahh! (kin kin) 2:15 marimba x 2 (single lines), bass marimba, xylophone x 2, drum and bell

In Time(almost)   3.20

wind band, percussion and piano

In Pulse

Saxophone quartet

Film Music
Running with the Boys

Teotiuhacan Productions, 2007

Home of the Blizzard

Original footage by Frank Hurley of Antartic Expedition for Sydney Film Festival.

The Drip

Produced by Nick Tantaro

Know Thyself
gothic horror film score