A Distant Voice - In Memoriam
Luciano Stefan Crivici: B. 12th Feb, 1932 - D. 1st March, 2001
Recorded: Rudi Crivici, viola: Romano Crivici, piano. 2nd March, 2001

Walking along the beach early one morning, I heard this music in my head, I wondered why, who... I realised it was for Luciano, my father, who was close to passing away. I got to the school where I was about to teach, and quickly sketched out what I heard.  Later that afternoon I arrived home to hear that he had died. Grief stricken and weeping, I went upstairs later that night and completed the work.

My father,  a man I didn't really know that well; a tortured, twisted and deeply conflicted soul; even though we had reconciled and forgiven towards the end, so much was still left unsaid.

The funeral and service was in a few days. I needed to play this for his farewell because it seemed to be ordained ... I had heard it even before he died.

I rang Shane at Megaphon Studios. I told him the story, but the studio was booked out. "No problems" he said "I can come in at midnight." Rudi and I recorded it, no rehearsal, just went for it. Shane would accept no payment....we were all equal, and supporting of each other in the face of life.... death.... the great unknown.... Blessed be Shane, and thanks....

Rudi and Romano with their father, circa 1960

Handwritten full score of -A Distant Voice; In Memoriam 2001