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String Quartet #4 Undercurrents Mvt 2
String Quartet #5 Gregorian Funk Mvt 2
Ebb & Flow
Elektra String Quartet
Andrew Haveron, violin
Romano Crivici, violin
Robert Harris, viola
Adrian Wallis, cello
Mark Atkins, didjeridu
Philip South, percussion
Jess Ciampa, percussion
Works by, Romano Crivici
Flat Earth Mvt 1 & 2

Composer's Notes:  “Strange thing to return to these works from days gone by, and rework them into their now final form; developing, expanding and refining something of their original creative impulse, but with the benefit of experience. And now? How time has flown - was it Paracelsus who said something about 'not being able to cross the same river twice'


These works were explorations/expressions of my psyche, embracing 'the unconscious' (Undercurrents), sexuality/death and funk/groove (Gregorian) and my connection to the vast (and almost repressed) Australian Outback (Flat Earth) ..... an eternity”

Romano Crivici 30th Aug, 2017

Review: " ... undulating ripples, strong melodic motives and a finale featuring soaring, fragile solo violin (Andrew Haveron). It is intense, dark and quietly beautiful. Not surprisingly the writing for strings is strong and the passionate performances precise, nuanced and assured ... The CD is beautifully recorded, with depth, presence and superb balance. Lovers of high quality contemporary string writing will find plenty to enjoy" Lisa MacKinney Limelight Magazine, July 2018 ★★★★½


Review: “… first it seems unchanging, repetitive, but as shapes and colours – or, in the case of Crivici's music, sounds and timbres – roll by, you tune in to the detail, gradually hearing more and more. A squeak here, a huff there, a quick glissando: sparks of colour in a fascinating sonic landscape... Crivici operates simultaneously from within and without traditions, moving from intricate counterpoint to free-form improvisations. Of the three works his Gregorian Funk, stands out as a real exploration, playful and dangerous" Reviewed in Sydney Morning Herald, Harriet Cunningham, 2018 ★★★½

The Elektra String Quartet, based in Sydney, came into being in response to its members “strongly felt need to go beyond the conventional limits, images and accepted boundaries of the traditional string quartet”, and since its creation, they have continued to explore new, living music.


 Working either acoustically, or with electronic configurations, and in cross-art and cultural collaborations, (in this instance with one of Australia's greatest living exponents of the didjeridu, Mark Atkins) they also commission, perform and record works by various well-known Australian composers. As such, their performance philosophy consists in balancing experimental and improvisational musical explorations with solid contemporary repertoire, of which the works in this album, by the ensemble's Artistic Director, Romano Crivici, are key.

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