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Getting There
In two movements for solo piano
ISMN:  979-0-720090-60-3
If Leaves Could Sing
ISMN: 979-0-720090-37-5:
On the Move
Simple piece for solo piano
ISMN:  979-0-720090-59-7

Originally a simple piece written for a student in the dim mists of my own past, I have developed Getting There  into its now rather more complex form. (There is nothing like a motoric Alberti bass driving away against subtle dance-like  syncopations)  With the addition of the slow movement, it now has somewhere to go; and having arrived, it is There.

Commisioned: 2001 Powerhouse Museum, with support by the Australian Council of the Arts

Recorded on the Stuart Piano in the Powerhouse Museum collection by Romano Crivici in 2001,

A new version now exists; extensively developed over the intervening years, and completed on 28th Oct, 2016,

Original version: On the Move, 1993

Revised and developed into Getting There

Oct -Nov 2018

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