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Moving On
Paranormal Music Society
Linsay Pollak, bags and pipes
Romano Crivici, keyboards, violin, viola
Blair Greenberg, tabla, african drums, tuned & electronic percussion

The Paranormals (as they were fondly called) had a cult following in Sydney and were known for channeling the works of dead composers (especially Hidegarde Spumoni – a lesser known Baroque composer) and playing music whose notes were determined by rolls of a giant dice. They improvised requests called out by the audience. Things like: “the pinnacle guinea pig races”, “haddock”, “Bob Marley goes to Turkey”, “Rawhide” and so on.

They recorded two albums (but only released one – “Moving On”)

They were a legend in their own time.



And Romano himself says...

"I realise that some things can only happen at certain times in one’s life, and ultimately depend upon that perfectly strange, almost incongruous chemistry of the right combination of individuals. There we were - Linsey Pollak, (ex-serious classical clarinet player turned Balkan folk and weird wind instrument player/maker) Blair Greenberg ( serious purveyor of world music on tabla, African instruments and electronic tuned percussion) and myself (a classically trained musician in the process of letting go the mirage of becoming a straight musician in a respectable symphony orchestra)


The music came from a shared space of intense, almost child-like play, usually in front of an audience, but often simply getting together and improvising because, well, we needed to; the group space we shared, both with each other and our audience was unique.

Even though a lot of the material in our shows was totally improvised, we would on occasion get together for a week or so before a tour and work up some repertoire, so as not to be totally at the mercy of improvising to audience requests, and this album, in part, was the outcome of one of those sessions."
R.C.  21st Feb, 09

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