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Once upon a time...
Paranormal Music Society
Linsey Pollak, bags and pipes
Romano Crivici, keyboards, violin, viola
Blair Greenberg, tabla, african drums, tuned & electronic percussion
celestial breakfast
the underdog
opening for peace
13 / 8

A strange, but in retrospect, appropriately named album “Once upon a time...” was recorded during one of our many touring seasons. But even as we recorded and performed, always excited and grateful to be able to share our creative explorations, communications, and humor, life kept ‘moving on’, (refer to our previous album) as the winds of change gently guided us as individuals into different directions ... and now it is …. “Once Upon a Time”

Yes, that is a picture of me that adorns the front cover, a shot taken from one of our concerts; hence the look of intense creative and emotional passion, balanced by a delicate hint of light-hearted contrapuntal ‘joi de vivre’.

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