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Quinkan Ballet Suite
In 7 movements for didge & orchestra
Loss & Lament
Women Reclaim Life & Land

Performed by:  Mark Atkins, didjeridu


At present the recording is a synthesized orchestra.  Romano Crivici, keyboard, computor/synthesizor.

Commissioned by Fresh Dance Company and Adelaide Fringe Festival, 2008.

Choreographer: Marilyn Miller


“Romano Crivici’s supportive electronic score sensitively incorporates Indigenous elements to fulfil Miller’s requirement of a classically conceived musical composition………….and makes sense of her remarks before the show about why she had wanted a classical dance score. It is as if there was created in this blend -an interpenetration of contemporary dance, classical music and Indigenous content conveyed through specific gestural language -an alternative, Utopian history. Europeans are here welcomed to the land and initiated into a properly timeless respect for the unique nature of the continent and the subtleties of its Indigenous culture.” (Real Time, vol. 85, June/July 2008)

This work awaits its full realisation in a live performance/recording, and is one of my on-going projects; already many sections have been re-orchestrated, developed, and in some sections completely rewritten.

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