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Rolling Force
Rolling Force
Available on the Flat Earth album

“I asked him (Don Juan) to clarify what he meant by ‘all the details of life and death’. 

“The rolling force is the means by which the Eagle distributes life and awareness for safekeeping,” he said.  “But it is also the force that, let’s say, collects the rent.  It makes all living beings die…. Death is the rolling force. When it finds weakness in the gap of a luminous being it automatically cracks it open and makes it collapse." [From The Fire from Within, Carlos Casteneda, published by Black Swan, 1985]


Rolling Force was very specifically composed for the Elektra String Quartet and our performance practice of the time; electronic effects, looping of group sounds and improvisation.  As such, it transcends the normal bounds of “chamber music” and the sound of the classical quartet, verging as it does into an almost symphonic scale of sound.

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