The Stillness of Waves
Sonata for Flute & Piano

ISMN: 979-0-720090-72-6

During the lock-down in the Great Pandemonium of 2020, Carla and I went most mornings to the beach to walk, talk, and swim in the ocean.

...or, I would sit and meditate, occasionally looking at the waves - moving, rolling, yet within the constant flux of being, utterly still. This became the driving energy of the work.

Many thanks to Judith Nielsen, who, in an indirect way, made the creation of this work feasible, and to my Carla T, for her long and patient support in making this work not only meaningful, but even flautistical!


First draft: 8th - 31st May, 2020

Second draft: 1st - 11th June

Revised:  July, 2020

for Flute & Piano 5:00

ISMN: 979-0-720090-72-6
The Tree (Oj Javore)
 for Flute & Piano 13:00

ISMN: 979-0-720090-83-2

At some point in the creation of the Sonata (above) Carla suggested a short version, that could be used by students, a short 'condensed' version......... behold, Waves came into being.  It provided a useful thing to do, to solve some of the issues of phrasing and performance in the bigger Sonata.

29th Aug, 2020

This work includes a section based on a Serbian folksong, Oj Javore (Oh Maple Tree). The larger structure of the piece could be considered, in some ways, to be an almost 'programmatic' rendition of some of the sentiments being expressed in the text of the song.

6th May, 2021


It was wonderful, and sad, to share with my mother Vera in her final years, as she kept remembering all the songs and rhymes, and folk wisdom/sayings from her childhood, (Slavic, Hungarian, German) and set about teaching them to me, as I was interested.  This one she remembered just recently (18/11/2013), -I wrote it down as she sang it to me.

Oj Javore, Javore, ti si drvo najbolje,

Shire grane na sve strane, ne dai zori da svane


Ja sam zura, pa zura, pa sam nesto nacula

Na cula sam tesko meni, da m se dragi zeni.


Oj javore, javore, tis si drvo najbolje,

Pod tobom sam vence plela svog dragoga klela.


As she approached her end, fading into an almost complete dementia, we would simply hold hands, and sing together.... this song was the last thing she could manage (just) to respond to and try to sing along... in the end, the only response to me at all.

Oh Javore (maple tree), Javore, you are tree (the) best

Spreads its branches on all sides, don't allow the dawn to rise


I am girl, but (a) girl, but I have something heard

Heard have I something heavy/hard for me, that my dearest is getting married


Oh Javore , Javore, you are tree (the) best

Underneath you I am wreath braiding (while) my own darling am cursing.  (rough translation)