String Quartets - short or single movement works



Revision:-6th -15th March, 2013

Dur: ~ 9:00


ISMN: 979-0-720090-38-2

Available on Luminous album

As with many of my early works for string quartet, Landscapes has a long and almost chaotic history, inextricably linked with the Elektra String Quartet. The original idea for the work appeared as a short sketch I wrote for my young sister Sonja, when she thought she wanted to play the cello in the early 1980’s.


It was then developed as the slow movement of a flute quartet I composed during that period of time.  It has since undergone further development through two revisions.

Elektra String Quartet:
Mirka Rozmus & Romano Crivici: violins
Rudi Crivici: viola, Emma Luxton: cello

Available on Flat Earth

Journey to the Mythical Place

Composed: 1/8/84

Revised: July, 2007

ISMN: 979-0-720090-10-8

Available on the Luminous album

Originally composed as a work for young students (see below) I quickly found that Journey to the Mythical Place  was a favorite, both with the members of the Elektra String Quartet as well as with the audiences we played to in our metropolitan and Outback touring programs.


Whilst performing it successfully was not without its challenges (the 'simpler' the writing, the more exposed;  and hence the control required (ask any string player!)) this work is equally suited to adult players of a less than professional standard.

Reflections and historical

I began composing this work on the morning of 1st August, 1984, while waiting for a lift to the Tamusca Music Camp, where I was to be conducting the Junior String Orchestra. Having just seen the proposed repertoire for the group, I realised none of it was technically (nor musically) appropriate for the kids age group. Given the time frame, (I was to conduct the first rehearsal the next morning!) the simplest solution was to compose a work specifically designed for beginner to semi-beginner strings.


Completed in the afternoon, I played through it with my colleagues from the New England String Quartet after dinner- I went to bed in a peaceful frame of mind, ready for rehearsal the next morning!

Song Without Words
First Edition, 1995
Catalogue No: LE 003
Recorded by: Elektra String Quartet
Mirka Rozmus, Romano Crivici, -violins; Rudi Crivici, viola; Peter Morrison, cello.
Song Without Words
Available on the Luminous album

Composed many a year ago, during one of my regular teaching/conducting visits to Coffs Harbour (a coastal town in New South Wales). I needed an 'up-tempo' and 'funky' piece for a group of young enthusiastic violin and viola students, so, in between rehearsal sessions, I quickly sketched out a version for something like four violin parts and viola.

A few years later, members of my string quartet (Elektra), always on the lookout for shorter,"up" numbers, were keen on an arrangement themselves; we were always on the lookout (as one would have thought most 'serious' quartets should) for light and catchy works with which to engage our country (and city) audiences; aperatifs, as it were, to some of the heavier "main-courses" that we programed.


There you go, and life has moved on!