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Romano Crivici Stringlines

ABC Classics, 2012

Margery Smith, clarinet & sax
Elektra String Quartet
Chris Latham, violin
Romano Crivici, violin
Rudi Crivici, viola
Sally maer, cello
Works by
Romano Crivici
Ross Edwards
Mathew Hindson
Paul Stanhope
Nigel Westlake

The Elektra String Quartet, one of Australia’s leading electro-acoustic ensembles present a selection of powerful works specifically commissioned for Elektra’s unique sound and approach to music-making, from some of Australia’s most happening, funky and very living composers.

These works represent something of the unique working relationships that developed over time between a jazz, techno and ambient - based, technology driven ensemble, and a number of composers seeking to give voice to some of their less culturally permissible primal urges, such as driving rhythms, over-the-top amplification, groove based writing and greater degrees of freedom than would normally be possible within the classically oriented string quartet.

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