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Watching for Kali
Blair Greenberg, tabla; Mirka Rozmus, Romano Crovici, violins; Rudi Crivici, viola; Marcus Hartstein, cello
Composed 16th -18th April, 1995
Premiered 6th May, 1995 at the Eugene Goosens Hall, ABC Studios Ultimo, Sydney
This recording: 12th June, 1997
Revised:  Sept, 2016
ISMN: 979-0-720090-52-8 Watching for Kali 2016

A work quickly and expeditiously composed for a forthcoming Elektra concert, and a means for my dear friend and fellow Paranormal, Blair Greenberg to play with us. It is based on a traditional rhythmic/sung exercise used by Tabla players (Jahaptal) ... I liked it, and heard a peaceful potential!?


Also included, as part of the quick-ety quick process, were some very simple ‘colour’ improvisations; effects, chaos, unfolding horror in the face of an even indirect glimpse of the great Goddess Kali, but, I hasten to add, also because we liked to play, in all senses of the word, when we performed. Doing so, within the appropriate structures, allowed (because of our long time exploring and performing together) our collective unconscious the opportunity to resonate and amplify…. Well that’s my take on it; do with it what you will, if you so desire, or can!



Performance notes:

This work can be performed either acoustically or electronically, that is, with ‘effects’ on the string instruments, as well as simple amplification if required. “Go for it” in the impro/chaos sections in terms of effects… do your own thing/s…

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