A Solitary Path

for solo violin and strings

August,  2014

ISMN: 979-0-720090-41-2​

1:  Adagio rubato

2:  Allegro

3:  Adagio

Originally conceived as a simple allegro for strings, (commissioned by Sydney Youth Orchestra, 2007) this work, was re-developed (in part) as an exercise in concerto form. It now stands, however, complete as it is.

I am indebted, and grateful to my long-time friend and musical fellow traveller Chris Connolly who, while I was staying at his home in La Cassaigne, suggested I enter something into the Penderecki Composition Competion.  ....Perfect, a reason for finishing something, and a welcome change from the strictures of writing for small, intimate Duos and Trios. 

Reflections, during the creative process...

Having just finished a tour of Northern Europe performing my Reflections on Life, Death and Transience (Vln and Vla) as well as Slavic Grooves and Meditations (flute, violin and viola) and resting and reflecting on the meaning of it all in Buyuk Cekil, Kas, Turkey, I began the rewrite of A Solitary Path.

17th July, 2014

"Flying out of Innsbruck, over the Alps and heading towards Amsterdam….. while waiting at the airport with Carla, found out Sculthorpe died, … sad, a big, yet nice man….life, death, goes on. Spent four days in Gmund, still stuck with the violin solo, till a shape/direction…. purpose formed, then, though not complete, played it to Carla again…. and she thought so too. (She insists though, on making me play it “for real, not like a sick mosquito….” What can I say, what can I do….?"

"Travelling on the train from Gmund to Innsbruch started editing, and chopping out the excess (it has to be under nine minutes duration)... in transit.

10th August, 2014

"Spent the night in Amsterdam, almost slept even… get to the airport early, only to find the flight has been delayed by 5 hours, which means the next leg from Singapore is then delayed by another 24 hours…. Sneak into the “vip” lounge and set up the computer and work at it again….."

12th Aug.


"Fuck me, panic and pressure, but it is almost done, sending off another copy (without this foreword!) to Poland as soon as I get out of the house……

15th Aug, 2014

Sydney (Ross’ place)


PS: Needless to say, this work was not selected in the competition, but when I saw the masturbatory scheidt that the competition is into, I can only wear the 'rejection' as a badge of honour.

Version for SYO: composed - July, 2007

Developed: 9/7/14- 15/9/ 2014