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Ouroborous, Ecclesiastes & Hydra
Live @ The Republic of Camperdown
4 April 2016 & 16 July 2017
Andy Rantzen, poet/oracle/sleep-talker
Carla Thackrah, electric flute and loops
Romano Crivici, piano
Rudi Crivici, electric viola and loops
Elektra Collectiv

Elektra Collektive Unconscious 
Joined in their love of improvisation, (the driving force and source of all creative music making) the ECU comprised of varying transient and autonomous sub-identities…
They have worked with each other in many different contexts over many years,
ranging from the Sydney and Queensland Symphony Orchestras, Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra, Spaghetti Western Orchestra, through to top contemporary ensembles such as Elektra String Quartet, AZ Music, The Wiggles, Monsieur Camembert, INXS, Jochen Gutsch/Hinterlandt, Astrid Zeman, Barrie White, Itch-e and Scratch-e, Lindsay Kemp, Tango Paradiso, Synergy, Seymour Group, Olivia Newton-John, all over Australia and in recent performances across Europe…..


Ouroborous - excerpts live performance

Ecclesiastes - excerpts live performance




Perchance to Dream (a reflective and relaxing ‘nocturne’!)
The Hydra as a Model of Bureaucratic Dysfunction
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