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Multiple Heads (Return of the Ouroboros)

Andy Rantzen (poet/metaphysician)

Carla Thackrah (flute, vocals, loops)

Rudolf Crivici (viola, loops & effects)

Romano Crivici, (piano)

Jess Ciampa (percussion, vocals)

Recorded at University of Technology Sydney with sound engineers Jacob Hedges, Jonathon Mendolicchio and Catherine Sloane, 2018.

Mastering by Geoff McGahan in Brisbane, 2019.

In July 2018 the Elektra Collective  Unconscious (ECU) began an ambitious and challenging recording project.

Largely avant-garde, ambient jazz, structured improvisations with spoken word; Multiple Heads defies genres.

The works:

1. Ecclesiastes: Strangers on a Train - 20:50m

This work juxtaposes quotes from Ecclesiastes (Old Testament) with snatches of conversations overheard on a train......

2. InToning - 7:30m  Based on ever repeating F minor scales

3. The Hydra as a Model of Bureaucratic Dysfunction -21:10 Based on the poet's experience with large government organisations, Machiavelli would have been proud!

4. Crystalline - 3:38m  A still, strangely cold and crystalline beauty .... an appropriate coda to Hydra.

5. Ouroboros - 21:21m  As the serpent that consumes itself as it grows, Ouroboros reveals something of the metaphysics of life.

Multiple Heads Elektra Collektive Unconscious
Rudi Crivici, Carla Thackrah, Andy Rantzen, Romano Crivici
Multiple Heads: Portrait of ECU

About Elektra Collektive Unconscious (ECU):


Sydney-based ECU came into being in response to its members “strongly felt need to go beyond the conventional limits, images and accepted boundaries" both serious and popular contemporary music making finds itself in. Since its creation in 2016 they continue to explore and create new and living music.


Eschewing 'pure' improvisation, they work within collectively devised structures and forms to create the profoundly rich tapestry of kaleidoscopic colours, rhythms and styles for which they are well known. In so doing, they spontaneously give voice to the collective unconscious, within which our shared culture and humanity finds its being.

All highly trained, skilled and experienced musicians, they have worked with each other in many different contexts and genres over many years. Ranging from the Sydney and Queensland Symphony Orchestras, Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra, Spaghetti Western Orchestra, through to top contemporary ensembles such as Elektra String Quartet, AZ Music, The Wiggles, Monsieur Camembert, INXS, Jochen Gutsch/Hinterlandt, Astrid Zeman, Barrie White, Itch-e and Scratch-e, Lindsay Kemp, Tango Paradiso, Synergy, Seymour Group, Olivia Newton-John, they have performed throughout Australia, Europe and South America.


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