Hotep -Know Thyself
Directed:  Petri Salo

Written:  Petri Salo & Axel Sutinen 

Filmed in Portugal & Finland

Approx. release date: 2021

Excerpt: 3:37

I received an email, from across the abyss of years from my old friend and fellow musician Axel......"could you compose some music for a section in a stream-of-consciousness film we are working on, the concept is very Gothic Horror, melodramatic.....ideally it should be an orchestral score...ideally with a budget, but in truth there is none!?"

Needless to say, the project was fun, particularly including the grand organ, which took me back to the days I was passionate about the organ, and worked as organist and choir-master in a number of churches in Sydney during the 1970's

Composed: April, 2019

Running With the Boys

Directed by Tony Chu

Script and screenplay - Annie Cossins

Produced by Annie Cossins

Teotiuhacan Productions, 2007.

Distributed internationally by Quat Media, and in the UK by Shorts Space

Dark Bass

Screened at seven overseas festivals, Running with the Boys is a harrowing film, I am told, on first viewing - even more so, emotionally and psychically after the 10th, 30th ... 50th time, as I went through the various scenes, over and over again; composing, testing ideas, adjusting the timings and refining the music/emotional subtext/context in which the dialogue and storyline unfolds.

But it was only after the film was completed, when I found the voices as well as the music still continuing, that I realised some things from the darker side of the human psyche cannot ever be quite resolved.

Recorded on a shoe-string budget, I am indebted and grateful to the musicians who, ever patient, gave their time, expertise and creativity to help me realise the score.

Anthony Heinrichs, trumpets;

Romano Crivici, violin and piano; Rudolf Crivici, viola;

Alex Henery, acoustic and electric bass; Jess Ciampa, percussion.

The Drip
Written, produced and directed by Nick Tantaro

It’s amazing what one can do with no music budget, a keyboard/synthesiser, a violin and only one evening in a recording studio.

Composing (and performing) the score for this delightfully quirky and funny short film was great fun. The pseudo-baroque ‘finale’ section that can be heard in this excerpt was a satisfying way to help bring some of the profound issues being ‘explored’ to an appropriate psycho-dramatic resolution.

Home of the Blizzard
Original footage by Frank Hurley of the Mawson expedition to the Antarctic

Linda Walsh -oboe and cor anglais

Peter Jenkins -clarinet

Toby ? -French horn

Commissioned by the Sydney Film Festival for Ten Days on an Island Festival, Hobart, Tasmania.

This score was an ‘experimental’ performance approach to a strange film, which consisted of a series of different, although not particularly related scenes shot by Frank Hurley on the now famous Mawson expedition to the Antarctic in the early 20 century.


Commissioned as a performance project by the Sydney Film Festival, it was to be screened with a score/soundtrack I created for live musicians, (improvising on piano and percussion) as well as pre-recorded material for wind instruments (clarinet, oboe/cor anglais and French horn) in certain sections of the film.

Home of the Blizzard was a remarkable film, an almost dream-like collection of different scenes: human, animal, and awesome and desolate nature which, even without sound speak for themselves.