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In Times of Change

for chamber orchestra (strings, winds x 4, trpt, hrn, piano and percussion x 2

Duration: ~ 12:30 min.


Redeveloped: Dec 2019 - Jan 2020

Extra winds and trumpet: Jan 2021

ISMN: 979-0-720090-69-6

1:  Intro - Andante...
2:  Allegro
3:  Post Script - poco andante

This is a revised and developed version of an earlier work of the same name. It was commissioned by a semi-professional ensemble, who were very keen on the work.....but they cut off communication during the pandemic lockdowns, and never got back to me.  One gets used to that sort of thing.

If listening to the synth recording, I would suggest following the score to be aware of what sounds and effects are actually being called for, as opposed to the shit sounds the synth plays.  My Sib program also was stuffing up the percussion parts; and come to think of it, it isn't mixed or balance.... follow the score!

PS, were this work to be performed, I would probably double the wind.

(24th, June 2022)

(Pardon the crappy synth recording)

Symphony 1
Symphony No. 1 "As Night Follows Day"
Poco Adagio
Poco Allegro

Sydney Chamber Orchestra conducted by Romano Crivici. Commissioned by ABC Classic FM.

Recorded at the Eugene Goossens Hall, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Ultimo, Sydney, 8th December, 2000, for ABC Classic FM.

Produced by Ralph Lane, Sound Engineer -Allan MacLean.


Symphony No I has, since this recording, undergone a massive revision and development, but is still, in some senses what I would consider as being an ‘early’ work of mine. This version was recorded by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation for broadcast on ABC Radio National in 2000

Symphony No. 2 Icon     30:00

For solo sax. (alto or ten.), strings, double wind, 2 x horns, 2 x trumpets, 5 x perc (vibes, celeste, 2 x marimba)

A Playground Groove      9.30

Strings, double wind, 2 x horn, 2 x trumpet, glock, xylo, marimba, 3 x perc

Cello Concerto    25:00

Work in progress

Strings, double winds, 4 x horns, 2 x trumpets, 4 x perc, harp

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