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Sonata for Solo Violin No 1

Transient Pre-psychotic Episodes

Composed: 5th May - 31st June, 2018

Dur: ~ 17:00

​​ISMN: 979-0-720090-53-5

Whilst having no clear 'movements' as such, and being one continuos flow, Transient Pre-psychotic Episodes could be broken up into the following 'zones':

1 -Lontano...

2 -Declamatory: Intro Proper

3 -Fugue

4 -Allegro

5 -Into the Distance......

Intro -adagio: ~1:30

Poco Andante, adagio, andante (etc): ~8:00

Fugue -poco allegro: ~4:15

Lament -adagio: ~2:45

Sonata No 1 was composed for my 'Musical God Daughter', Julia Lim. My long-time violin student, (who long since has since surpassed me in many ways) she needed a work for her end of high school music recital. I promised to write something in 'the modern style' for her performance program.


Needless to say, I began work on it far too late, which, in retrospect was a good thing; as it became apparent that it would not be ready for her recital, I could then 'go' freely with the increasingly complex and self-generating flow of ideas and states of mind.

As a violinist myself, it would not be surprising that, being deeply steeped in, and having internalised the Solo Sonatas of both Bach and Ysaye, as well as Paganini, they have informed and guided my understanding in writing for this complex, and strangely irrelevant (in this day and age) yet still supremely significant and iconic medium. Combined with a profound indebtedness to one of the seminal giants of the 20th Century, Jimmy Hendrix, I have done what I had to do.

Romano Crivici, 13th August, 2018

L' Adieux

Pseudo-Partita for solo violin

Composed: 6th - 21st Jan, 2022

Dur: ~ 6:00

​​ISMN: 979-0-720090-??-?

Whilst performed in one continuos flow, L' Adiex still has fairly defined movements:

1 -Grave; Allemande (!?)

2 -Sad bit

3 -Quasi-Menuet

4 - Freely, into the Distance......

This was the first version I wrote for the final scene of our film, The Last Violin. I thought it was good, and so did Carla, (lots of rich harmonies, runs, virtuosic thrills, etc) till she realised it was missing something: "It doesn't have a beautiful soaring melodic section....the quintessence of the violin....that's what the audience needs to hear, to recognize as the distinguishing feature....... blah, and blah.....


Anyway, this work was done! Back to the drawing board!

Adagio for Solo Violin

Always, only in passing....

Composed: 13th - 16th Jan, 2022

Dur: ~ 6:00

​​ISMN: 979-0-720090-91-7                                                                                          

Adagio for Solo Violin was the second attempt at a piece for the final scene of our film, The Last Violin. I took it into directions I thought Carla was suggesting, (lots of rich harmonies, runs, virtuosic thrills, etc) till she realised it was missing something: "It still doesn't quite cut it, quoth she... "it still doesn't soar"!


"But how can I make it soar in a way that a concerto does, without an accompaniment," I asked in despair (and this shows the way in which imagination expresses itself through the limitations that are assumed) "I would have needed to include a piano: ....."so let's include a piano" said the director -and I was freed! (and she was right, Goddammit!)

Sonata for Solo Guitar

"and so, another day...Twang!

Original sketch/composition: 15th Jan - 7th Feb, 2016

Revision: June, 2018

ISMN: 979-0-720090-51-1

"Hi Romano ... if you recall I am the guy who came up to you after your concert at 505 and asked whether you would be interested in writing a piece for guitar. What I am looking for is a major piece i.e. sonata in at least 3 movements. At least one of the movements should be technically challenging. All of Bach's solo violin works work well on the guitar so think of it as writing for the violin if you like. Please confirm whether you are still interested. Pxxxx”

(Text received: 15th September, 2015)

…. and so came about a welcome opportunity; I was excited at being able  to write something completely new, and out of my usual mini-genre-mindset (that is, string duos, quartets, strings, string fucking quartets, double string quartets, etc, etc)


As it turned out, however, this individual was either a compulsive liar or a manipulator. Once the process was underway, and it was time to workshop the ideas, (crucial to a composer writing for an instrument with which they do not have an intimate working knowledge) he started stalling and evading over a period of months, then stopped responding altogether. When I did finally get onto him, he wrote back a truly bizarre and shameless set of lies in formal legalese, (not surprising, he was in fact a lawyer). In the end, painful as it was, I  was forced to conclude he was simply just an arse-wipe! Let him (Peter D/lawyer and would-be amateur guitarist) be remembered as such.

But, just as a lotus of serene, breathtaking beauty and perfection arises out of the dank depths of the swamp, so too it would seem, another work for guitar enters the repertoire. In the vastness of time, the 'unique' circumstances involved in its creation, will, even for me, be of no consequence..... all will be forgotten...........

Let me thank Robert Clancy and Philip Griffin for their invaluable time, and suggestions prior to me actually doing a final revision/edit of this work.

Romano Crivici

Enmore, Sydney

25th June, 2018

Lament, rage, & release

-for solo cello

Composed: 13th - 15th Jan, 2022

Dur: ~ 6:00

​​ISMN: 979-0-720090-??-?

(Beautifully played by

Adrian Wallis)

Initially composed as the introductory movement to Gregorian Funk, (St Qt No 5) I also envisaged this work as the first movement for an extended sonata for solo cello; I even sketched out the ideas for an allegro.... to be continued..............

This sound excerpt is from the recording we did of Gregorian Funk back then, simply lifted, and chopped off before the quartet comes in; I have added a concluding section to make this movement complete in itself.

But the reality of finding instrumentalists in Australia with any sense of ..... imagination?... appreciation of a new work for the fading, and mostly meaningless new repertoire meant that I never got around finishing it. What's the point.

6.15 am, not able to sleep, working on my website, archiving my "legacy"......again I have to ask; "what's the point?"

29th May, 2022

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