Sonata for Solo Violin No 1

Transient Pre-psychotic Episodes

Composed: 5th May - 31st June, 2018

Dur: ~ 17:00

​​ISMN: 979-0-720090-53-5

Whilst having no clear 'movements' as such, and being one continuos flow, Transient Pre-psychotic Episodes could be broken up into the following 'zones':

1 -Lontano...

2 -Declamatory: Intro Proper

3 -Fugue

4 -Allegro

5 -Into the Distance......

Sonata No 1 was composed for my 'Musical God daughter', Julia Lim. My long-time violin student, (who long since has since surpassed me in many ways) she needed a work for her end of high school music recital. I promised to write something in 'the modern style' for her performance program.


Needless to say, I began work on it far too late, which, in retrospect was a good thing; as it became apparent that it would not be ready for her recital, I could then 'go' freely with the increasingly complex and self-generating flow of ideas and states of mind.

As a violinist myself, it would not be surprising that, being deeply steeped in, and having internalised the Solo Sonatas of both Bach and Ysaye, as well as Paganini, they have informed and guided my understanding in writing for this complex, and strangely irrelevant (in this day and age) yet still supremely significant and iconic medium. Combined with a profound indebtedness to one of the seminal giants of the 20th Century, Jimmy Hendrix, I have done what I had to do.

Romano Crivici, 13th August, 2018