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The Vatiliotis Collection: music from The Last Violin
Elektra String Quartet, violin & piano, viola & piano, violin & viola duos
No-Self Records 2023
elektra string quartet, crivici, ebb flow
Ebb & Flow
Elektra String Quartet, didjeridu and percussion
ABC Classics, 2022
Multiple Heads, Romano Crivici
Multiple Heads
Elektra Collektive Unconscious
No Self Records, 2018
elektra stringlines
Elektra String Quartet, clarinet and saxophone
ABC Classics, 2012
elektra flat earth
Flat Earth
didjeridu, Elektra String Quartet and percussion
ABC Classics, 2001
Elektra timeless Crivici
didjeridu, Elektra String Quartet and digital loops
No Self Records, 1999
Crivici luminous
Elektra String Quartet
No Self Records, 1997
paranormal music society
Moving On
Paranormal Music Society
No Self Records
Recordings no longer available for sale
Once Upon a Time
Paranormal Music Society
No Self Records
Running With the Boys

Directed by Tony Chu

Script and screenplay - Annie Cossins

Produced by Annie Cossins

Teotiuhacan Productions, 2007.

Distributed internationally by Quat Media, and in the UK by Shorts Space

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